Ayyappa Temple | Vartak Nagar

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Sree Ayyappa Temple Thane: One of the holy sanctities of the Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa is located at Vartak Nagar in Thane District of Maharastra, India. The Presiding deity: Sree Ayyappan, accompanied by six Upadevas was consecrated on 1st March 1990. The ceremony was solemnized by Brahmashree Azakathu Shastra Sarman Namboodiripad who is the Kulapathy of Thanthra Vidyapeed, Aluva. The Temple construction is made in the traditional Kerala Thatch Shastra under the guidance of eminent Temple Architect Shree Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad. This temple was constructed in traditional Kerala style under the guidance of Kanipayyur Krishnan Namboothirippaadu. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are given equal importance at this temple with Lord Ayyappa. Besides there are deities of Devi, Ganapathy, Subramanyan, Hanuman, Naga Devatha and the Navagrahas.

There is a granite stone in front of the shrine, placed in an inclined position, for breaking coconuts, considered very dear to Sastha. A huge deepasthambam is also present at the entrance.
Three poojas are performed daily at the feet of the Lord Ayyappa. Devotees offer many special poojas every year. Special Poojas, Navakaabhisheka, Pantheeradi Pooja, Mahadeepaaradhana etc. are offered at this temple. Devotees conduct Maha Ganapathy Homam, Thrikaala Bhagavathaseva from the 1st of Karkitaka, the holy Ramayana month. There is daily parayanam of Ramayanam done throughout the month.

Bhagvatha Sapthaham is organized every year when recital of Bhagavatham is done by well known exponents. Naveekarana Kalasam was carried out in the year 2002 on Revathi Star in the month of Kumbha. Prathishta day is celebrated in the month of Kumbh during the star Revathi under the guidance of the Thanthri. Special Poojas are done during this time which includes Udhayasthamana Poojas etc. During Utsavam, different cultural and religious programmes and poojas are performed. Utsavam ends on 1st of January with a grand feast (Mahaprasadam/Aarattu Sadhya). Lord Ayyappa is taken on procession through parts of Vartak Nagar, Thane preceded by various cultural programmes. The Temple celebrates the Annual Madala Pooja (Utsavam) every year and it starts on 25th December with hoisting of Temple Flag and ends on 1st January with Aarattu at Upavan Talao, Thane in the Kerala style.

Presently the temple opens at 5.30 am in the morning and closes by 11.00 am. In the evening the temple opens at 5.30 pm and closes by 9.00 pm. For day-to-day over 100 poojas are available to be performed. For the convenience of devotees staying far-away from the temple, provision has been made to take pooja booking on the telephone and the devotees can make the payment for such booking subsequently when they come for collecting prasadams on the day of the pooja. Pooja booking has been totally computerized and once pooja is booked the same will be performed on the specific day even if the devotees are unable to be present in person for the pooja through a computerized list generated daily.

The temple also organizes pilgrimage to Sabarimala every year in groups, where in each group nearly 100 swamis join.